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Energy Management Systems

USE Controllers
Efficient Energy Management

US Energy Group offers a wide variety of USE Controllers that manage boiler run-time and reduce energy usage. Our team can select and install the USE Controllers that work best for your portfolio based on the size and configuration of your buildings.

USE Controllers work with strategically-placed temperature sensors and use both the outdoor and indoor temperatures to precisely control the boiler and reduce run-time. The temperature inside the building stays comfortable, and you reduce energy usage.

USE Controllers can also control domestic hot water, and when used with USE Tracker, they can support gas, water and electric sub-metering. Data from USE Controllers are accessible through USE Manager and USE Alliance for remote monitoring and control.

Oil Tank Monitor
Verifier Digital Fuel Gauge

The USE Verifier is a patented, ultrasonic digital fuel gauge that measures oil deliveries and consumption, and is accurate to 1/10th of an inch.

Owners use this highly accurate system to confirm deliveries and track inventory and usage. The Verifier can confirm that the amount of oil you receive is accurate and that you are using it efficiently.

Data from The Verifier is accessible through USE Manager. Owners can analyze consumption data by year, month, and day, and they can compare fuel oil usage against benchmarked buildings.

Control Protocols
Wireless Protocols
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