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USE Verifier

Measure and Verify the Precise Amount of Oil Delivered to All Your Buildings

The USE Verifier™ fuel gauge is an ultrasonic fuel management system specifically designed to verify oil deliveries, manage oil inventory and analyze consumption. The USE Verifier can be installed as an added feature with all versions of USE Manager.


With USE Enterprise and USE Alliance, owners can monitor activity for one building or an entire portfolio of properties and review daily summaries, detailed reports of oil usage, and oil temperatures. Owners receive alerts for low oil levels, short-cycling conditions and costly leaks. USE Verifier measures everything you need to know about the oil delivered to your buildings to prevent oil delivery discrepancies, manage inventory, budget fuel expenses and save money.


Greater Control of Building Energy Usage


The USE Verifier® fuel gauge can be monitored on-site at your building or remotely through our online platform.* You can view a real-time summary of energy consumption or drill down for detailed reporting of boiler function, interior space temperatures, and all the oil verification measurements supplied by USE Verifier. This robust energy management tool provides the information you need to make short- and long-term decisions that impact operational costs, respond to alerts, and precisely track the energy performance of your buildings through a single interface.*

USE Verifier benefits include:


  • Identify discrepancies between ticketed and actual delivery amounts. 

  • Record oil tank levels with extreme accuracy. 

  • Record tank measurements at the start and end of the delivery. 

  • Record date and time of the delivery, and start and end time of delivery (the speed at which the oil is delivered can affect the truck’s pulse meter readings).

  • Record “temperature-adjusted” quantity of oil delivered (readings are taken after delivered oil has mixed with all the oil in the tank). 

  • Track usage history and determine areas of waste.* 

  • Analyze consumption data by year, month, day and against benchmarked buildings.* 

  • Avoid low oil levels and costly “run-outs.” 

  • Compare oil and gas usage by square foot, by apartments / units, and by degree-day.

  • Identify inefficiencies and confirm oil settings

* Some features only available with USE Enterprise and USE Alliance. Analyze and compare oil and gas usage by square foot, by apartments/units and by degreeday to identify inefficiencies and/or to confirm fuel savings.* Instantly view tank readings and safe delivery volume for one tank or an entire portfolio of buildings.* Include asterick and note: Available with USE Enterprise and USE Alliance

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