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About Us

The Leaders in Adaptive Energy Management

One Customer’s Story
Innovation. Partnership. Results.

We partner with building owners to reduce energy costs and minimize the risk of unexpected expenses. Today we serve more than:

  • 3,600 buildings

  • 147,000,000 square feet of space

  • 100,000 occupants

We pioneered Adaptive Energy Management, an innovative approach which delivers 30% reductions in energy costs on average.

Our solution, USE Manager, adapts to each building and integrates energy data across the entire portfolio.

Our analytical tools deliver deeper insights, highlighting hidden inefficiencies and opportunities to save.

We actively work with your team to ensure that energy savings are realized.

About Power-Flo Technologies:

Power-Flo Technologies (PFT) is a unique Family of Companies consisting of distributors, fabricators, manufacturers and motor and pump repair firms serving the New York metropolitan and New England areas. PFT is a Master Distributor and Manufacturers Representative with REAL SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS. We have all the products you need ranging from commodity items such as wiring devices, fittings, and light bulbs to more specialized items such as motors, computerized industrial controls, programmable controllers and custom panels. In addition we are experts in the sales and repair of all types of motors, pumps and water systems. We offer engineering support, in-house switchgear and panel fabrication and state of the art repair facilities for any motor or pump from fractional through 1500 HP in either low or medium voltages.

It is this unique diversity of product, capability and service that enables us to bridge the very particular needs of the Electrical, Institution, MRO & OEM Industrial, as well as the Plumbing and Mechanical trades. Everyone at PFT has technical or manufacturer backgrounds with the products and applications that we serve. At PFT we have the knowledge, experience and resources required to service the needs of your business.

Learn about our free energy assessment program & how we can help you qualify for rebates and energy savings

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