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USE Controller

Adaptive Building Energy Management Controller
Reduce fuel use and increase occupant comfort

USE Controller™ is an intelligent device that manages the transfer of energy usage data from sensors and meters strategically placed throughout your building and that facilitates real-time, web-based, remote monitoring and control of boiler functions. For buildings that do not have an existing Energy Management System (EMS), US Energy Group will supply a controller that is correctly sized and configured to the building and adapted to its energy monitoring needs. All of our USE Controllers are compatible with USE Manager software and service packages.


USE Controller utilizes both interior and exterior temperatures to cycle the boiler more efficiently, reducing run-time and delivering exactly the right amount of heat to keep occupants comfortable. USE Controller reduces costs by up to 30% when used with USE Manager software and services. This robust energy management system collects the data you need to reduce operating costs, respond to alerts, and track energy performance through historical and comparative analyses.*

Software Capabilities


Integrates with USE Manager software and service packages to enable:

  • 24/7/365 web-based access from anywhere.

  • Automated desired indoor temperature set-points.

  • Separate modes for summer and winter, including an automatic switchover for heating season.

  • 24-hour set-points that facilitate planning and control.

  • Reduces boiler runtime with Shadow Logic technology.

  • Set-points for days of the week, providing greater control when buildings are not in use.

  • Water tank freeze prevention to reduce costly maintenance.

  • Detection of key building issues, extending heating equipment life.

  • Helps you predict and budget operating costs.


Hardware Included:

USE Controller:

  • Gas, oil, or dual fuel inputs 

  • Onboard wired temperature sensors 

  • Stack temperature sensors 

  • Steam valve position inputs 

  • Works with steam and hot water heating systems

  • Adapted to the size, configuration and needs of your building

Wireless eSensors:

Accurate and detailed temperature data-gathering from interior and exterior building spaces. Adapted and configured to the needs of your building.:

Dual Well Aquastat:

Allows for two aquastats in one well, providing more precise water temperature control.


Internet enabled for secure wireless transfer of key building metrics.

* Data capabilities vary with selection of USE Manager software and services.

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