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USE Manager

USE Manager is a fully-customizable energy management solution that delivers hardware, software, and services to maximize energy savings across your portfolio. With USE Manager, buildings typically reduce energy consumption by 30% or more. The solution completely adapts to your buildings, your operating policies, and your organization, so that you only pay for what you want and what your buildings need. From basic controls to fully-managed services, US Energy Group customizes a plan that works for you.


Building owners need different features from their energy management solution:


Some owners want easy compliance with benchmarking regulations, while others are looking for real-time monitoring and remote control of their heating and cooling systems.


Owners who have the expertise to analyze energy performance data need powerful analytics so they can maximize savings.


Finally, owners who want to maximize savings but who do not have in-house energy expertise, need fully-managed services.

While other energy management systems require you to purchase new equipment and features you may not want, USE Manager can work with most existing controllers, regardless of brand, and customize a unique plan that works just for you.

How is USE Manager different?

Until now, building energy management has been fragmented. Most solutions concentrate on providing hardware, software or consulting services, but not on delivering all three. Typically, a specific combination of hardware and software must be installed, and the management team of the building is responsible for using it correctly. Too often, the systems are not utilized to their maximum potential.

USE Manager is the first adaptive energy management solution that delivers everything needed for top energy performance.

  • It is a complete solution, offering hardware, software, and services. 

  • It is a configurable solution, adapting to your specific needs. 

  • It is an open solution, working with most energy management hardware. 

  • It is a portfolio-wide solution, integrating data from diverse buildings and equipment into a single dashboard.

  • It is a smarter solution, delivering deeper analytics and tools that produce greater savings.

  • It is a results-oriented solution, including the services needed to ensure that energy savings are maximized.


Customize a unique plan that delivers the solution you want: basic controls, advanced analytics, and/or fully-managed services. Buy only the hardware, software, and/or services you need.


USE Manager can integrate information from most existing energy management systems, even if they are different brands. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase new equipment or overhaul an entire portfolio all at once. You can start saving right away, without a large capital expenditure. However, if you would like to upgrade the controllers in your buildings, US Energy Group can arrange installation of a specific model of the USEcontroller, a state of the art system already in 3,500 buildings.


USE Manager delivers the most advanced analytics the industry, supported by a scalable NoSQL database that is specifically designed to integrate complex building metrics. You can use key variables, which are stored in a fast, flexible, and sophisticated platform, to analyze historical trends and conduct comparative analyses. USE Manager delivers a portfolio-wide focus, long-term retention of historical data, and the ability to compare buildings with others that are similar. You can use these analytics to detect hidden inefficiencies, which are items that can be repaired to improve the overall efficiency of the building and extend the useful life of the boiler. USE Manager delivers a comprehensive action rules engine that automates actions based on desired set-points. For example, managers can program the system to take action based on a complex combination of factors. You have 24/7 real-time access by computer or mobile device to your entire portfolio, and can even remotely place the boiler on bypass. You can configure an energy management software package that is tailored to exactly what your buildings need.


With USE Manager you can select from a range of fully managed services delivered by US Energy Group’s experts. We can proactively monitor your entire portfolio, operating as an extension to your management team. We check the energy consumption patterns of your buildings each day, provide a weekly scorecard, and assemble a monthly review that helps to identify hidden inefficiencies and necessary repairs. We can also take care of making repairs and improvements to the system. We take ownership, and get results. We provide dedicated energy efficiency experts who answer your questions and provide advice. We also provide complete solutions including repair, design and special project services when needed.

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