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USE Alliance

USE Alliance...Fully-Managed Energy Efficiency Services

USE Alliance is a powerful energy management service that provides an experienced team of energy management professionals who monitor and control your portfolio’s energy usage. USE Alliance is the solution for building owners who do not have in-house experts with the time to continually analyze key building metrics.

USE Alliance is the best pathway to maximum energy savings, with customers reporting up to 52% of a reduction in energy consumption. The service completely adapts to your buildings, your operating policies, and your organization, delivering only what you want and need.

A Full-Time Energy Management Team At Your Service
Proactive Energy Monitoring & Management
Access to Information

We continually monitor your buildings, identifying hidden inefficiencies and proactively address issues. We reduce fuel, water, and electricity costs and increase the efficiency of the building. Our full-time, full-service team becomes an extension to your management team, alerting you and your staff to abnormal patterns in fuel consumption, unusual electricity usage and high water use. You will receive monthly, quarterly, and annual reports about your portfolio. You always have an expert to call for guidance.

With USE Alliance, US Energy Group partners with you to achieve desired outcomes. We can proactively monitor your buildings, analyze long-term usage trends, and track key issues. We help you to address hidden inefficiencies before they become big expenses later on. What’s more, USE Alliance can help you maximize the efficiency of your buildings and save even more money on fuel, electric and water, as we continuously adapt our system and services to your specific buildings and management philosophy.

While US Energy Group’s team of experts will be closely watching your energy use, USE Alliance also provides you with access to web-based, realtime information. This historical and comparative data facilitates advanced analytics that can be used to reveal hidden inefficiencies, manage proactively and save money.


USE alliance delivers advanced energy management tools and fully-managed services that reduce energy consumption across a portfolio of buildings. The system integrates data from buildings even if they have different compositions and different energy management systems. This provides our experts and you with a holistic view of energy performance across an entire portfolio of buildings, and enables quick prioritization of issues to address. The data is retained indefinitely for historical and comparative trend analyses.

USE Alliance Features:

  • Our experts review the energy consumption patterns of your buildings every day. 

  • Your monthly ECO scorecard provides a report on overall energy Efficiency, Comfort, and Operations (ECO-card). 

  • A Monthly Energy Review helps to identify hidden inefficiencies by highlighting patterns of short cycling, high stack temperatures, and frequent bypass. 

  • Our team of experts take action in response to the buildings’ needs and clients’ preferences.

  • Our experts are available to answer questions or provide advice. We can also manage ongoing projects and keep you informed.

  • You can leverage the relationships US Energy Group has with numerous organizations that provide repair, design and other building services when needed.

  • With USE Alliance, our experts can automate your compliance with Local Law 84 (Benchmarking).

  • Access to an advanced web-based portal that provides key information by computer or mobile device about your portfolio. With USE Alliance, we keep a close eye on this data, and manage your buildings to optimal efficiency.

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